Welcome to the Youth Center

We offer a wide range of educationally enhanced programs, instructional classes, and events for children and youth on Kadena. The Youth Center provides a safe and fun environment supervised by a caring and well-trained staff.

Building 1849
Kadena DSN • 634-0500

Daddy, Mommy & Me Classes • ages 18 months – 3 yrs old (parent assisted)
Pre-School Gymnastics • ages 3 – 5 yrs old
Level 1 Gymnastics • ages 5 – 18 yrs old
Level 2-5+ Gymnastics, Placement only • ages 5 – 18 yrs old
Tumbling, Placement only • ages 5+

Stem 1• ages 6-8 yrs old
Stem 2• ages 9-12 yrs old

Pre-Ballet • ages 3 – 5
Pre-Ballet/Tap • ages 3 – 5

Ballet• ages 5+
Hip Hop • ages 7+
Jazz Theatre • ages 6-18 Placement only
Cheer• ages 5+
Flexibility• ages 8+
Jazz Sr• Placement only
Lyrical/ Modern Jr• ages 6-8 years

Martial Arts
Judo • ages 7+

Piano • ages 7 – 18
Violin • ages 5+
Sanshin • ages 9+

Stop by an enjoy a variety of activities, download our calendar of events below!

• Dinners, games and social activities
• Special events for the entire family
• Educationally enhanced programs
• Computer lab
• Nightly programs
• Classes in areas such as ballet, gymnastics, and martial arts

All weekly clubs are for children ages 9 to 12 unless otherwise specified.

Art Club- Join us and explore your creativity!

Book Club –Join us as we read books together while discussing everything that was read. Members will also get to take trips to the Kadena Library. The more you read the more prizes you could earn.

Cooking Club- Want to learn how to cook your family a good meal? Join us and get the chance to learn how to prep a meal from the grocery store to the table!

Fitness Club- Get a chance to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle by eating, working out and having fun all at the same time!

Passport to Manhood- This program teaches young boys positive character, leadership and behavior. By following from the example of their amazing leader each member will learn the potential that they can have on themselves, their family, their community and ultimately the world.

S.T.E.A.M. Club- If you like science and things that make you say “wow” this club is a great way to experience just that. Come and get lost, learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. (ages 6+)

Girls Talk- Aim high, girls! this program teaches young girls how to fined the potential thatchy have in themselves. Through an amazing club leader they will learn health, fitness, education and self-esteem enhancement to build the right skills for a better future, not just for them but for the world.

Torch Club- We provide youth opportunities to build skills in leadership and community involvement.

Youth Club members can enjoy exclusive trips and programs! Stop in today and become a member to start taking advantage of this awesome program.