Welcome to Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising

The 18 FSS Commercial Sponsorship Coordinator is in charge of obtaining sponsors for support of 18 FSS events, activities and programs. Sponsorship funds are utilized to help 18 FSS facilities offset costs associated with their programs or to help enhance activities and events.

Commercial sponsorship is not only about helping 18 FSS facilities, but is also about giving back to the military community while gaining public recognition.

Building 88
Phone •  315-632-6217

Monday – Friday • 8 am – 4 pm

• International Wine Festival
• Eggsplosion
• Independence Day Festival
• Tinsel Town

Click here to see what other events and programs are going on within 18 FSS.

If you are interested in sponsoring an event or 18 FSS facility, email with the event or facility name along with your contact information.

Magazine Features
• Up-to-date available FSS activities and programming
• Special featured articles about FSS programs and events
• Sections featuring ads for different types of activities including Nightlife, Recreation, Family and Food
• Local and international tours offered by FSS’s on-base travel agency
• Outdoor tours and attractions offered by Kadena Outdoor Recreation
• Youth and Family events and programming
• Annual FSS events such as Eggsplosion, International WineFest, and Tinsel Town
• FSS Club membership specials

Circulation and Distribution
5,500 free copies are distributed monthly to high traffic areas on five military bases around Okinawa and all FSS facilities on Kadena Air Base including but not limited to:
• Kadena Shoppettes and Medical Center
• All Shogun Inn (lodging) rooms and main lobby
• Kadena and Foster Post office
• USO (Kadena, Futenma, Hansen, and Schwab)
• Navy MWR
• Torii Station
• Kadena AB BX and Camp Foster PX
• Venture Magazine is also distributed at the Newcomer’s Orientation twice a month.

*Key distribution points include the Exchange, Post offices, and Shopettes.

Venture Advertising Sizes and Rates
We have a variety of ad size options available to choose from!

Advertising Specs

Ad Size Width x Height
Back Cover (Full Page) 8.27″ X 11.69″
Inside Cover (Full Page) 8.27″ X 11.69″
Full Page 8.27″ X 11.69″
Half (1/2) Page 7.6″ X 5.4″
Quarter (1/4) Page 3.7″ X 5.4″
Business Card Size 3.4″ X 2″

Venture Advertising Prices
Prices are displayed as price per month

Ad Size 1 mo contract 6 mo contract 12 mo contract
Back Cover (Full Page) $1,200 $6000 $13200
Inside Cover (Full Page) $1,050 $5250 $11550
Full Page $750 $3750 $8250
Half (1/2) Page $500 $2500 $5500
Quarter (1/4) Page $350 $1750 $3850
Business Card Size $175 $875 $1925

• Space reservations are due two months prior to requested issue.
• Due to limited availability, advanced reservation is advised.
• Ad submission – 10th of the month prior to issue
• No design? No problem! Ad design request submission – 30 days prior to submission deadline (fees apply).

Payment Methods
Payment are due the 15th of the month prior to issue.
• Credit Cards – credit card payments are accepted via Visa/Mastercard only.
• Cash or Checks – personal and company checks are accepted in dollars.

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• Calendar
• Digital Signage
• Electronic Marquee
• Golf Score Cards
• Printed Posters
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