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Nothing quite compares to the love you receive from a pet. Stop by our adoption facility to meet the cats and dogs searching for their forever home and make a new forever friend. Karing Kennels Adoption Facility located outside Kadena Gate 3.

Karing Kennels Adoption Facility
Located in Building 54300, straight out of Kadena Gate 3
DSN • 966-7338
Cell • 036-868-2234

Hours of Operation
For current hours please check our Facebook page!

Karing Adoption Facility and Shelter:
If failure to show or arriving more than 15 minutes late, then your appointment will be canceled and you will incur a cancelation fee in order to reschedule your next appointment.

*Any drop off or pick up outside of our normal business hours MUST be scheduled and have a confirmed appointment time. (call or email)

If your pet is missing from any military installation, e-mail us at karingkennels@kadenafss.com.

It is very important that you call us immediately. We leave an answering machine on during non-business hours and check it first thing in the morning. A pet found as a stray will be held only three full working days from the day that it came in and if no one claims, it will be put up for adoption based on behavior and capability.

It is recommended that you create and post flyers featuring your pet’s name, photo and your contact information in both English and Japanese.

Capture Fees
$25 • If the pet is reported missing within 24 hours, the pet is registered, microchip, shots are current, or wearing current rabies tags. ($75 if not reported within 24 hours)

$50 • If the pet is reported missing within 24 hours, the pet is not registered, shots are not current, not microchipped or no current rabies tags. ($150 if not reported within 24 hours)

Please report missing pets to both the Security Forces operations desk (634-2475) and Karing Kennels Boarding Facility.

Owner Turn In Fees and Information
See attachment.

All pets must have a Wellness Exam done within the last 10 days before the date of turn in. The Wellness Exam is a thorough physical exam that will list all proper diagnostics of the pet, and is to not be confused with a Health Certificate. Dogs need to have a current heartworm test and cats require a FeLV/FIV test done within the last three months before the date of turn in. If any health issues are identified during the Wellness Exam the owner will be responsible for a medical fee to address those issues. If pets test positive for heartworms, pre-payment of the treatment is required at the time of turn in along with any turn in fees. There is no additional fee for a FeLV/FIV+ cat, but we need to be made aware of this. The heartworm test is a requirement to assure us the pet has a negative result. The owner will be responsible for paying heartworm treatment fees at the time of turn in if test is positive.

$100 • If the pet is registered, shots are current, spayed/neutered, wellness exam, and microchipped.

$300 • If the pet is not registered, shots are not current, no microchip, or not fixed.

$250 • For a litter of puppies or kittens between 6 – 10 weeks of age.

$300+ • For any medical issues that Karing Kennels will need to address.  Ear and skin infections, cherry eye, missing hair, etc. are all issues that the owner will be held responsible for. If an owner has adopted a pet from us and has turned it back into Karing Kennels before a spay or neuter has been complete, the money originally paid at the time of adoption for the spay or neuter will NOT be refunded or transferred to a new owner who adopts the same pet.

Rehoming Your Pet Through a Private Adoption
If it comes time to find your pet a new home, whether adopted from Karing Kennels or a private adoption, you must remember to transfer ownership at the Kadena Vet Clinic.

Adoption Fees & Requirements

There is a $100 adoption fee for any dog, cat, puppy or kitten along with any required spay or neuter fees for pets that are not currently fixed. The new pet owner will fill out the required application prior to adopting a pet. After application is reviewed and passed, new owner will fill out adoption agreement and receive an adoption packet. A copy of the adoption agreement will be put into the pet’s medical records. Before leaving with your pet, it will be microchipped. If, for some reason, the microchip has not been completed, Karing Kennels will schedule an appointment to have this completed.

There is a 2 week trial period after adopting from Karing Kennels. Should it not workout within the 2 weeks of adopting, the pet owner can return the animal without being charged the Owner Turn In (OTI) fee. The pet owner would not be refunded the initial $100 adoption fee, but will be refunded the spay/neuter deposit if applicable. The spay/neuter deposit will only be refunded if paid at the time of the adoption.

**Please note: You will need to set up an appointment for the remaining shots needed in the series at the Kadena Vet Clinic or with off base Vet Clinics. If the Kadena Vet Clinic does not have any appointments available, it is your responsibility to continue to vaccinate, so you may need to go to an off base Vet Clinic to keep on track with the required timeline.

*Heartworm testing on dogs and FELV/FIV tests on cats is done as a courtesy. The pet may or may not have been tested for heartworms or FELV/FIV at the
time of adoption. If the animal comes back positive, Karing Kennels will not pay for the treatment and will be required by you to treat any medical issues regardless of cost or financial stress.
*Payment for the pets spay or neuter is due at the time of adoption. If the surgery costs more than what was initially paid, the owner is responsible for any and all differences. This includes additional fees incurred when going off base. Karing Kennels will NOT pay for any difference from what was original paid. This is a surgery for your pet and the kennels will not be responsible for paying anything towards this surgery. We gauge the cost of the surgery with the Kadena Vet Clinic but make NO guarantee that this is what the charge will be when going off base. The owner will be responsible for all fees and charges incurred by the requirements of our adoptions.

All pets, 6 months and older, are required to be spayed or neutered within 30 days after adoption.

Spaying and neutering is not included with the adoption fee but is required. You must bring proof of completion into Karing Kennel’s Boarding facility (located inside of Kadena gate 3) within 30 days of adoption for pets 6 months and older and for kittens and puppies, no later than 6 months of age. Payment for the spay or neuter will be paid to Karing Kennels at the time of adoption along with the adoption fee. If the vet clinic is unable to accommodate, then off base vet clinics will need to be utilized by the timeline given. Once the spay or neuter is done, you must bring in the surgery receipt and we will refund the original balance paid to us at the time of adoption to the original owner who adopted from us. We are not responsible for any difference in fees. Any additional fees will be paid and incurred by you, as the owner. Karing Kennels will not refund any money prior to the spay/neuter appointment, which means you will need to pay the vet clinic in full first at the time of the surgery and then show the receipt for the refund to be issued. No money paid to Karing Kennels for the surgery will be kept by Karing Kennels. This will go only be refunded back to the owner once proof of surgery has been shown. Any additional costs due to going off base will be incurred by you, the new owner. If this is not completed, the owners command may be called and the owner can be required to turn the pet into Karing Kennels at the owner’s expense. The spay and neuter fee is NOT transferrable to a new owner and will only be refunded to the original owner once the surgery has been done.

Karing Kennels requires proof of spaying or neutering for any pet that is turned in by a previous owner for us to know the surgery has already been done. If a pet is turned in without proof, we will make the assumption the pet is NOT fixed and require the surgery to be done by the new owner. We make every effort to determine if there was any paperwork to show proof of surgery but if a pet is adopted, and it has not been determined, by a vet, that they were previously neutered or spayed, then the new owner will be responsible to pay for any vet fees incurred. Once paperwork is brought into Karing Kennels showing the pet has been previously fixed, we refund the money paid at the time of adoption to the original owner who adopted from us. Karing Kennels is NOT responsible for any pets that may already be
fixed. We use vet paperwork to show proof, so without this, the pet is assumed not fixed.

Any adoption done by Karing Kennels must complete any adoption requirements before rehoming to a new family. The money initially paid is to be used for the spay or neuter surgery and will help with the health of the pet and increase its likelihood to be re-homed. The money paid at the time of adoption will not be refunded back to the original owner until the surgery was completed and will not be transferred to a new owner. This is to be used by the original owner as an agreement between Karing Kennels and them, not any other owner. In addition to spaying or neutering before rehoming, a transfer of ownership will need to be done at the Kadena Vet clinic and proof of the transfer will need to be brought into Karing Kennels. If the transfer of ownership is not given to Karing Kennels, then ownership will be placed on the owner who adopted from us and all surgeries and/or medical requirements will be enforced.

*currently unavailable*

The Karing Kennels Adoption Facility offers a volunteer program. Space is limited and we can only accept a maximum of two volunteers per day. To determine if the volunteer program is for you, please review the agreement form that is linked below. If you decide to volunteer with Karing Kennels, please fill out the paperwork and bring it to the Karing Kennels Boarding Facility located inside Kadena Gate 3. Please coordinate with Karing Kennels in advance to reserve the date and time you would like to volunteer.

Volunteer hours: 
Mondays & Tuesdays • 9 am – 12:45 pm or 3 pm – 6 pm
Thursdays – Sundays • 7 am – 10:45 am or 1 pm – 4 pm

Volunteer Agreement | Volunteer Dress Code | Volunteer Hours Log