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Visit Kadena ITT for discounted attraction tickets, local tours and hotels. Popular locations include Okinawa World, Forest Adventure Zip-lining, Seki Rinzan and Hacksaw Ridge. With seasonal favorites including Southeast Botanical Gardens Illuminations, Whale Watching, Cherry Blossoms and more! We also offer travel agency service for flights, off-island tour packages, and Tokyo attractions including Tokyo Disney.

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ITT’s In-House Travel Agency
Email: | Phone: 966-7437, 036-868-2266.

Hours: Monday – Friday 10 am – 3 pm

We have an in-house travel agency that can assist you in booking your off-island vacation necessities including:
• Airfare
• Hotel accommodations
• Tour packages
• Privatized tours
• Airport Transportation Service

If you are interested in traveling abroad please stop in and see how we can turn your travel expectations into reality!

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Take to the skies with Kadena ITT! We have tons of off-island travel opportunities available to join in on. Our proximity to so many major tourist destinations means that it is more affordable than ever to explore the world.

For information on current upcoming ITT Off-Island Tours, contact us at (036) 868-2226!

Please note, ITT does not sell ferry tickets. This is for your reference.

Helpful Links

Tokashiki Island Village website link (people only)

Zamami Island Village website.  The link is on the left-hand side of the page (people only reservation)
Ie Island ferry reservation (car only reservation for vehicles 6 m and under.)

Port Information

Azama Port
Heshikiya Port
Toguchi & Motobu Port
Tomari Port
Unten Port

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