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Welcome to Education and Training

The Kadena Education and Training Center’s goal is to inspire and promote quality education and training and to promote life-long learning to the entire force.  We accomplish this by meeting the needs of our customers through multi-faceted programs and services.

Building 59
Phone • 634-1500 Opt. 1

Monday – Thursday: 7:30 AM to 4 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM to 3 PM
Family Days, Down Days, Federal Holidays & Weekends: Closed

Offered by appointment at the UMGC National Test Center –
Phone • 634-2872
Email • 

Computer Based GED Testing is also offered at UMGC National Test Center:

• Testers must register and schedule online.
• Click here for more information about the GED

Military, family members, and logistically supported citizens register under the DANTES jurisdiction for the GED. When following the registration and scheduling items below, the only item that does not apply for U.S. military family members, logistically supported U.S. citizens, and their family members is step 3 of the scheduling document.  They are not eligible to use a DANTES sponsored voucher for payment and must enter their credit card info.

However, under the DANTES jurisdiction, they do get to take advantage of the government pricing that DANTES has established. Please check with the National Test Center for current rates.

Online Academic Skills Course (OASC) and College Placement Skills Training (CPST)
Use OASC to brush up on your math, English, and study skills before starting classes.

CPST is more in depth and can help you review writing and math skills so that you can pass DANTES program exams and score higher on placement tests.

Go to the OASC/CPST website for more information and to get started!

Dantes Distance Learning Readiness Self Assessment (DLRSA): 
Find out if online learning is a good match for you
Provides military dependents free one on one online assistance with school work:

TA Decide
Listings of online degree programs and other useful information:

Kuder Journey
This intuitive career planning system is designed to address each user’s individual situation. The career planning process starts with learning about oneself. Journey’s research-based interests, skills, and work values assessments kick-start exploration and ultimately, encourage more career satisfaction.   Please go to to get started.

By appointment only

To schedule, email:
CDC and training testing is scheduled by Unit Training Managers

Monday – DLPT • 8 am | DLPT • 1 pm*
Tuesday – DLPT • 8 am | DLPT • 1 pm
Wednesday – CDC/PME • 8 am | CDC/PME • 1 pm
Thursday – CDC/PME • 8 am | DLAB, AFCT, ADLS e-exam • 1 pm
Friday – No testing offered

* Third Monday of the month is AFOQT

Tests As Requested:





Base Training
Phone: 634-2507

Civilian Training
Phone: 634-5940

Formal Training
Phone: 634-1688

Education Services
Phone: 634-1500 option 1

PME Management

Phone: 634-0120

Non-Resident PME
SNCO Course 14, SOS, ACSC, and AWC
Enrollment link:

WAPS Testing
Phone: 634-1500
Please contact your unit WAPS monitor first: WAPS Monitor List 

Requesting transcripts to update your CCAF record
Please do not send your transcripts to update your CCAF record to the Education Center, because CCAF will not accept them if they are not sent directly from the college to CCAF. For more information on how to send them electronically, click here. 

To have transcripts sent directly from your college to CCAF, use this mailing address:

100 South Turner BLVD
Maxwell-Gunter AFB, AL 36114-3011

DoD Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Effective 1 March 2013, all colleges with military students are required to have sign the DOD Memorandum of Understanding. Colleges that do not cannot have courses paid for with military tuition assistance funds. Please check the list of signed colleges and universities here.

Commissioning Programs
After reviewing all of the available commissioning options, please generate a list of questions you have regarding the various commissioning programs (excluding OTS, see note below) and contact our office ORG Box at to set up an appointment to speak with our staff regarding specifics about the programs you are interested in.

Air Force Academy
To view the Air Force Academy website, click here. 
To find your ALO (Air Liaison Officer,) click here. 


To view information regarding ROTC Programs, click here.

Medical Programs
Please note that an MFR signed by your Commander will be required to be on file in your education records as well as other documents (statement of intent to apply, conditional release from career field functional manager, review of courses already completed by commissioning program managers, etc) before any TA will be issued for prerequisite coursework needed to apply for medical commissioning programs.

Base Education Service Offices no longer assist active duty enlisted Airmen who want to apply to the Basic Officer Training (BOT) Program, according to Air Force Recruiting Service. Instead, Airmen must apply to BOT through the Air Force Portal page managed by AFRS. To view the OTS website, click here.

Other Programs
Click the links to find more information on the following programs:
PA Program

AFOQT Appointments
3rd Monday of the month • 8 am
Study materials for the AFOQT can be found via the base library, military issue store, or online at Contact to schedule.

On Island VA Representative
Camp Foster
Monday – Wednesday
DSN 645-3508

Kadena AB • Airman and Family Readiness Center
Thursday – Friday
DSN 634-3366

GI Bill 
The GI Bill website provides detailed information on all VA education benefits plus comparisons. Click here for more information.

TEB website to convert your GI Bill Benefits to spouses and dependents: Click here.
• To access this site you must be on the Air Force network.
• Transfer of benefits to spouses and dependents must occur while on active duty.
• Member must have served at least six years on active duty and have reenlisted for four more years to
transfer benefits.
• Members must remember to have transferred benefits with at least four years ADSC to transfer
Example: if a member plans to retire at 20 years, he/she needs to transfer their benefits prior to the 16
year mark. There are no longer exceptions to this rule for high year of tenure after 20.
• Also, once you convert from the Montgomery GI Bill to the Post 911 GI Bill you cannot change back.
• After separating or retiring from the service you can change the amount of benefits given to
dependents and spouses, but they must have at least some of the benefits given to them before you
leave the service.

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)
The OOH provides key job information such as work environment, average income, and ten year growth projections.

Troops To Teachers (TTT)
TTT offers counseling and assistance regarding certification. Financial support is also provided for both the certification process and for employment in a high need school. If TTT funding is accepted teaching obligations are incurred.

Air Force Aid Society Arnold Grant Program
Provides $2000 per year for Air Force spouses enrolled in college full time.

Active Duty, Spouses, and Dependents
Military One Source

Air Force Association Scholarships:

MyCCA – Provides for spouses up to $4,000 annually for the first two years of college

Call Military OneSource to speak to a Career Coach at 800-342-9647

Undergraduate Programs

University of Maryland Global Campus Asia
Associate and bachelor degree programs
Phone • 634-4383
Email • Website

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Phone • 634-5083
Email •

Graduate Programs

Troy University  
Masters in International Relations
Phone • 634-5365
Email •

University of Maryland Global Campus Asia
Master’s in Business Administration
Phone • 634-4383
Email • Website

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Phone • 634-5083
Email •

Testing for Online Colleges 
Persons enrolled in online colleges and universities not based at Okinawa can contact  the UMGC National Test Center at Kadena DSN 634-2872 to schedule these exams.