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Building 1436, Located behind the Kadena Housing Office
Mobile • (036) 868-2221
Kadena DSN • 966-7355
Marine Camps DSN • 99-03-4580-0135 (Dial 6 – 7355)
From US • 1-512-672-7355

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Auto Repair
Mon – Sat • 8 am – 5 pm

Parts Store
Mon – Fri • 8 am – 7 pm
Sat • 8 am – 8 pm
Sun • 10 am – 6 pm

Mon – Fri • 8 am – 7 pm
Sat • 8 am – 8 pm
Sun • 10 am – 6 pm

Auto Resale Registration
• Auto Junking Service
*Auto Resale Lot (Lemon Lot) located on the corner of Kuter Blvd and Davis Ave, next to the Laundry Center.

New and Rebuilt Parts 
• Vehicle Repair and A/C Service
 Phone-In Auto Parts Ordering Service • 966-7355
Have vehicle registration and credit card ready.

Monday – Friday • 8 am – 5 pm
$55 • Per hour | Hook up & $2 per KM.

Lockout and Jumpstart
Monday – Friday • 8 am – 6 pm
Saturdays • 8 am – 7 pm
Sundays • 10 am – 4 pm 
$22 • Per hour on base
$45 • Per hour off base
*Service is limited or contingent on available personnel.

Insurance (Located at Kadena Arts & Crafts Center)

• American Insurance
• Japanese Compulsory Insurance (JCI)
• Vehicle De-registration
• Title Transfer
• Dwelling/Personal Property Insurance

We Care About Your Car Care Program
Bring your spouse’s deployment orders to the Airmen and Family Readiness Center in building 220 to get a voucher for one free safety inspection and oil change.

Deployed Spouses Program
Starting March 1 Monday through Friday, The Auto Hobby Repair Center will be offering vehicle pick-up service for deployed spouses who can’t bring in their vehicle repairs/services who are unable to leave children unattended or unable to leave home (with valid orders of deployed spouse) withi

Service Center • (036) 868-2232

Conex Storage (5x7x7)
$45 • Per month

Rent today!

Indoor Automotive Work Stalls with Lift
$6 • Per hour

Indoor Automotive Work Stalls without Lift
$5 • Per hour

Temporary Outdoor Vehicle Storage
$8 • Per day
The first 7 days can be approved by the shift supervisor but the next 7 days can only be authorized by the manager. Must be approved in advance. Any vehicle in the compound after 24 hours will be charged storage.

Temporary Indoor Vehicle Storage
$8 • Per night
Can only be authorized by the shift supervisor. Double hourly rate is charged if vehicle is in work stall during regular open hours and the customer is not working on it only if there is a waiting list.

Engine Storage
$3 • Day

Auto Resale Lot
$10 • Per 14 days
In and out for 14 days on lot.

$45 • Per hour

Machining of Brake Rotors or Drums
$15.00 • Each
Must be removed from vehicle and disassembled by owner.

Charging/Starting System Diagnostics Check
 $10 • Each

Battery Test
$5 • Each

Battery Charging
$5 • Each

Oil Filter & Oil Change
$16.50 • Per vehicle
Parts extra

Safety Inspection
$65 • Per vehicle
Estimated time frame can be 2 to 3 hours depending on the condition of the vehicle.

Completion of Work Customer Started
$60 • Per hour
Performed at the discretion of management.

Antifreeze Disposal
$1 • Per gallon

Battery Disposal

Tire Disposal
$5 • Each

Repair Flat Rate
$45 • Per hour

Insurance Services: Insurance Office located here at Auto Hobby Service Center for your convenience and insurance needs

Insurance Hours of operation: Mon-Fri  0900-1700,  Saturday 1000-1400

JCI Services: Auto Hobby Repair Center offers complete JCI services from actual inspection process, start to finish. Includes a 76 point vehicle pre inspection, insurance and registration fees and taking vehicle to inspection and putting on new JCI sticker when vehicles has pass inspection process. Extra cost are applied for repairs that are needed to pass inspection.

We can only do ( Y ) plates

Average Prices starting from $450 for(500) plate series, and $480 for 300) plate series. Extra cost for repairs needed, will provide repair estimate before proceeding.

Stop by and set up an appointment. 

General Repair Services to keep your vehicle running right and trouble free!

Engine repairs: includes cooling system service i.e. hoses, water pump, belts,  gasket replacements for oil leaks, and any unusual engine noises, and component replacements.

Labor rate $45 per hour

Charging System Service: Replacement Alternator, Terminals or Cables, Battery., and testing of charging system.

Labor rate $45 per hour

Air conditioning repairs: Replacement of Air Conditioning components to include AC compressor cooling fans and condenser cores and lines, where accessible.

Labor rate $45 per hour

Tune up Service: Basic tune up includes spark plugs and air filter replacement.

Additional repairs available on request.

Labor rate $45 per hour

Brake Service:  Our basic service includes Brake pad replacement resurfacing Brake rotors and lubricating caliper slides and contacts.

Additional Brake service also available to include Caliper Overhaul and major component replacement.

Labor rate $45 per hour

Steering  & Suspension Service: Replacement of worn-out or broken steering and suspension components, broken dust boots and cracked bushings, leaking seals, worn shocks or struts and springs.

Labor rate  $45 per hour

Basic Electrical: Headlamps and tail lamps  and light bulb replacement, electrical repairs limited to information availability.

** Service is limited or contingent on available personnel.

Towing and Service Calls
$55 • Hook Up & $2 per KM
On or off base.

Jump Starting
$22 • 1/2 hour on base
$45 • Per hour off base

Vehicle Lock-out
$22 • Per hour on base
$45 • Per hour off base

Tire plugging
$6 • Each

Valve Stem Replacement
$4 • Each
Cost does not include parts.

Tire Rotation
$15 • Per vehicle
Removing all wheels and swapping position.

Tire changing
$10 • Per tire
Cars and light trucks. Removing and remounting each tire.

Tire changing
$15 • Per tire
Cars 45 series and below or large truck tires. Removing and remounting each tire.

Tire/Wheel Balancing
$10 • Per tire
Large tires/off road truck tires (may need to purchase weights).

Club Membership Information 
Receive 1 free annual oil change per club card. Contact us for more information.

Check out this YouTube special on everything Auto Hobby has to offer!